Cherry Tree

Working in a garden centre gives me a lot of time to think. Taking care of plants doesn’t require too much thought or consideration once the actual decision making process is over. The rest is purely patience. Like today for example, I was watering the cherry trees. It got me thinking about how much time and dedication it takes to grow one. Years and years of regular maintenance goes into producing a tree of that size. Then eventually, the day comes when its ready to bear fruit.

I heard a couple behind me deciding on whether to buy one, until they saw the price and changed their mind. A cherry tree between 1.2 and 2 meters tall goes for around £50. I felt like telling them just to grow one if they weren’t willing to pay the price. You can plant a seed for nearly nothing. It just takes a lot more time and dedication instead. You end up paying the price one way or another. That goes for everything in life.

Time plus dedication equals value. It’s such a simple formula, yet I never think about it. A cherry seed is worth next to nothing, but the more time and dedication you put into caring for it, the more its value increases. Sooner or later, you have a beautiful tree worth significantly more. Not only have you gained possession of a cherry producing instrument, but you also possess all the fruit it bears.

Everybody should plant a seed in something. It’s the only way to better yourself. Whether its picking up a guitar, lifting weights, learning a craft or starting a business. It all begins with a seed. This got me thinking, what am I putting time and dedication in to grow something of financial value? Maybe it’s these very words themselves?